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Lacquer Channel Mastering 

Where To Master
In Ca
by Noah Mintz


Audio Mastering in Canada

Canada has its share of some of the best mastering studios in the world. Here’s a list of some Canadian mastering studios that I believe are as good as any studios anywhere. Kudos to all those Canadian producers (and labels, studios et al.) who encourage and build relationships with our many amazing, world-class Canadian mastering engineers and studios.

Mastering Studios (Verified Mastering facilites or studios with dedicated mastering rooms)  in Canada. If I've missed a studio email me here

Quebec Jump to: Ontario | B.C. | Alberta | Manitoba | Atlantic

Le Lab Mastering [Marc Thériault, Marc-Olivier Bouchard, Philip Gosselin]

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Trillium Sound Mastering Studio [Richard Addison]
Cavern of Echoes Mastering [Roland Rodas]
630 Mastering [Benoit Fecteau]
TrueSound Mastering [Louis Morneau]
Grey Market Mastering [Harris Newman]


B.C. Jump to: Ontario | Quebec | Alberta | Manitoba | Atlantic

Railtown Mastering [Andrew Downton]


CPS Mastering [Brock McFarlane, Elisa Pangsaeng]
Coastal Mastering Studios [Bud Bremner]
Suite Sound Labs [Greg Mindorff]
SLAMM audio [Alex Sergerie]


ALBERTA Jump to: Ontario | Quebec | B.C. | Manitoba | Atlantic

Infinite Wave Mastering [Dave Horrocks]

MANITOBA Jump to: Ontario | Quebec | B.C. | AlbertaAtlantic

Outta Town Sound [Jamie Sitar]


ATLANTIC Jump to: Ontario | Quebec | B.C. | Alberta | Manitoba

Archive Mastering [J. LaPointe]


Parachute Mastering [John McLaggan]

Nova Scotia
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