We Cut Wax – The Origin of Recorded Sound

Tuesday January 10, 2018

Experience the history of great sound with the “We Cut Wax” video series
Sound that is a renaissance but at the same time – a revolution.
By Jacqueline Parker

When Lacquer Channel Mastering opened their doors over 40 years ago, they were on the leading edge with vinyl. Today, as vinyl has become more of a retro material, they are still on the leading edge as they bring it back into the present so artists can enjoy its pure, unaltered sound.

Technology has had its impact on the recording industry just like any other. Long ago, vinyl was the material of choice for great sound. As the industry changed and recording advanced, mastering was added to the process by the 60’s, sound became louder and mastering became a creative industry. From there, CD’s were introduced which literally almost killed vinyl at a time when vinyl was becoming big with indie artists. At that time, Lacquer Channel Mastering made the decision to stop working with vinyl. It was too cost prohibitive and it appeared it was on its way out.

30 years later, Noah Mintz has decided it’s time to revisit vinyl which is no small feat given it’s also been about 30 years since any new vinyl recording equipment has even been manufactured. “I met with a former competitor who still had a lathe,” said Mintz. “We agreed that if he could get it up and running, we’d display it in our studio,” he says. So the two former competitors teamed and are now the owners of the last operating lathe in Canada.

Audio unplugged
We Cut Wax is a new video series that demonstrates this process of making music.
“The audio you hear comes right from the room and it sounds exactly as it did during the recording. No mixing. No mastering,” says Mintz. The series is an answer to the question ‘Does audio quality matter anymore’ and the answer is obvious. “The process in creating the audio on the series is, in a way, more important than the product. The process is the product.”

Lacquer Channel Mastering has stripped the technology away from the recording and taken to back to the origin of sound. Recorded directly to acetate disc through one microphone in a room. There’s only one chance to do this as there are no overdubs, no redo’s, no digital no auto-tune and no stereo (glorious mono). “What you get is pure sound unlike you’ve ever heard before,” he says proudly. You may be hearing it digitally but the essence of the performance can’t be duplicated through digital or conventional analog recording.

‘We Cut Wax’ is our new video series that let you experience the history behind great sound. The series can be viewed at


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